George Schiaffino

George Schiaffino 


Making Millions by Helping Millions Cover 2016

George Schiaffino has worked in the real estate industry for over 40 years. At the age of 24 he owned a successful real estate company with over 100 agents.  In the 80’s, as an agent, he made over one million dollars listing and selling real estate properties.


He has owned and operated his very own real estate auction company. He has successfully auctioned over 100 properties in one year.  He has also developed several parcels of land into buildable lots, worked with builders to build houses on all of the lots and then selling those very same houses that he helped build.  Throughout his career he has bought, sold and rehabbed over 500 homes.


He started a new real estate company in 2005, based on a unique pay structure for agents to get larger commissions.  He grew the company from 0 to over 500 agents in its first four year of existence.  He single handedly created one of the largest locally owned real estate companies in Maryland in just four short years.


In 2010 George decided to take his brand of success to the multi-level marketing industry.   He got involved with a green energy company and in just ten months, he had successfully created a residual income of over $12,000.00 a month and was selected to be a “Member of the Chairman’s Club,” the company’s highest honor.


In 2013 He started the first and only real estate rebate company in the state of Maryland.  He acquired over 190 listing in one year just to prove the concept was viable.   He has grown Rebate Realty into a real estate powerhouse with over 100 Realtors and is now poised to take his Rebate Realty concept nationwide.










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