George Schiaffino Realtor Shows You How to Get A Rebate On Your Next Home

Real estate can be a very competitive industry, and I knew having a rebate company was the tool real estate agents needed to win.  That is why I created Rebate Realty U.S.A. I knew this was the tool that could take an agent to the top.  How and why is really simple. In today’s real estate market if you do not have something extra to offer that will distinguish one realtor from another, than there really is not much of a difference between agents.  The fact that we provide our clients with a rebate truly separates Rebate Realty U.S.A.’s realtors from the rest. The way Rebate Realty U.S.A. works is that twenty percent of our commission goes back to a buyer and helps a buyer buy a property.  A buyer can use that money tax free. They can use it towards closing costs, to improve a property, moving expenses; they can even use the rebate to go on vacation. It is their money.

I firmly believe that if twenty buyers called Rebate Realty U.S.A. and twenty buyers called any other real estate company, the majority of those twenty buyers are going to come to Rebate Realty U.S.A. The reason being is the “what is in it for me factor.”  Buyers get something more than just a house.  They get something just for them, a rebate.  Who doesn’t like getting money back? Our Rebate program is designed to attract the majority of the buyers in the marketplace. We know that buyers are going to love this product. I already knew that coming in. The best part is that we can do it legally, where other real estate companies are not structured to be able to give rebates to their buyers. We can give it to all the buyers and that is the advantage we have.

There is also a very appealing component for people who are looking to sell their homes as well. If a seller is preparing their home for sale and a Rebate Realty U.S.A. realtor goes to talk with them, our agent has a far better chance of getting that listing simply by explaining how the rebate will help them attract more buyers.  They can do so by illustrating this common example: if we are selling your property and there are five other houses in your area also being sold, we are going to be able to separate your house from the other five by giving it an advantage because we can offer a cash rebate to the person who buys your home. Our product gives us an advantage. If your house is going to come with a rebate and the other houses are not, whose house is going to sell faster? Of course it would be the seller whose house is represented by Rebate Realty U.S.A. because our product automatically made your house more sell able. We are the only real estate company that can and will do this. We have created something that no one else can legally do, in Maryland, and it does not cost the sellers any extra money. Realtors who are able to offer this service can separate themselves from the average real estate agent. Buyers and sellers love it. The fact of having a product that no other real estate company can offer gives Rebate Realty U.S.A. agents a distinct advantage in the marketplace. Now, our agents can really compete. Their game can be taken to such a higher level, and with more business, they make more money and help more people in the process. This has been proven to work very effectively. I went out with my agents to about 190 houses in the first year of starting Rebate Realty U.S.A. and got every one of those listings. Our product made it so easy to beat the rest of the real estate companies. All of the top guns from other real estate companies could not compete, and you know why? Because, sellers loved it. We have a strategy that you can’t get anywhere else. We proved the concept and now the brand is built.


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